We are wondering if anyone has an unused ping pong table taking up much needed space?? We'd love to give it a new home! :) (a long shot, but it never hurts to ask! :) ) churchladyla@yahoo.com
Would love any kind of a weight bench. Even better w/a bar and weights. Thanks!
The only half-sheet size cake pans I can find online are only 2" deep. If you have a deeper one that I could have that would be wonderful! prprichard46@gmail.com
In search of a small section of 6' tall chain link fence, about 4' long. Anyone have a scrap piece they don't need??
Wanted a free standing refridgerated air conditioner that has the connection hose to the outside for an older person
I am looking for half of an aluminum extension type ladder. Straight rails for at least 4 feet. The longer the better. Building a ramp for a challenged buddy. off the next day or two so pickup will be easy and quick. Thank you, carparts1997@gmail.com
The more used the better. Temporarily used as furniture covers, then drop clothes.
I am looking to offer different seating options in my classroom. I would like to find a bunch of office desk chairs, the nice ones, to take advantage of an unused space as well as for them to use at the traditional desk space. I would like to find a largish area rug and a bunch of pillows to make a floor seating area and put pillows in the window like seats that are in my room as well as bar st...
I have a friend who is moving and would like book boxes and bigger boxex.