Does anyone have a copy of the book "Rain of Gold" by "Victor Villasenor" My wife was reading it on a Kindle that expired when she had only a couple of chapters to go. Someone had a hold on it, so she can't renew it. If you have a copy she would be grateful. Thanks, Frank Email:
Looking for a 5gal cornelius keg (soda keg) for homebrewing. If you donate one I will make sure it is put to good use!
A low stool, more or less 12 inches tall. If it's wooden and taller, I can saw the legs down. Thank you! :)
There was a white corner chair offered, and if you still have it, I am interested. Thank you
Looking for an electric blanket to make a bed for a short-haired dog. :) Thank you!
anyone have some extra green wire around? like what florists use? needed for making Christmas pretties! thank you!
My daughter is looking for a pair of cowboy boots, size ladies 9.5 or 10, for a school play. Thank you Dave Fuehne
Anyone have a couple of empty Bonne Maman jelly jars sitting in the cupboard waiting for you to have an inspiration? I have a project in mind for them.
Looking for a similar or exact iKKEGOL Wireless Bluetooth USB Foot Pedal Single Switch, One Key Customized Keyboard Mouse, Video Game Multimedia Action HID, Control PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone with Your Foot
Looking for a full size bed for my guest room. Email through Freecycle or text me at 505-690-7319. Jenn
Happy Thanksgiving! Due to perhaps overuse(!), our microwave seems to have bit the dust..... If anyone has one sitting in a corner taking up space and longing for a useful productive life again, we'd love to provide that! :)
Nothing fancy, but if you have one you need to get rid of, we can put it to good use. Thanks!
This time of year many items are being shipped inside padded envelopes. Don t throw them away! If you carefully cut the tops off (instead of tearing them open) I can recycle them. I will completely remove any and all stickers and address labels. Thanks!