Items Wanted in Los Alamos, NM

37 items
thought I would ask here first. Thanks. an4ua@yahoo.com
If you have boxes no smaller than a wine box, no larger than two wine boxes put together, I'd be grateful to take them off your hands in Los Alamos or White Rock. Many thanks.
Hi I am in need of humidifier and air purifier. Dry air & dust causing sinus problems & nose bleeds..... Thank you
I am looking for a 50+ tin cans of various sizes. Soup cans to coffee cans. I hope to get enough to light the pathways by candle this holiday season. I will pick them up at your convenience. Please contact at: carparts1997@gmail.com thank you.
Wondering if anyone has a spare charging cable for an ipad 4? Thanks! :)
Hi everyone, I moved my 81 year old mom in with me and gave her my bedroom so she can be more comfortable. I've been sleeping on the couch and really hope someone out there has a sleeper sofa (my back will really appreciate it). TIA
I am in need of a medium to large sized crucible for a smelting project. if you have an old one you do not need, I am a wee bit desperate. I will pick up in Los Alamos or white rock at your convenience. Please e-mail me at: carparts1997@gmail.com Thank you.
Ordering ahead of the holidays? Got extra boxes in the not-too-big, not-too-small range? I will be happy to take them off your hands, whether they're still assembled or already broken down. Thanks!
I know this is a long shot. Also in need of an 8 to 10' ladder or whatever is available.
Looking for good sturdy moving boxes for a long move. Any packing materials would be awesome too :). We will miss you Los Alamos <3 Thank you for everything Freecycle Amy & Jason
I'm looking for two area rugs to cover cold tile floors in two bedrooms. Approximately 7'x9' or 8'x10'. Thanks!
Does anyone have WAYYYY too much Christmas fabric in their stash?? I'm thinking about making some Christmas aprons...but not totally committed! If I can't get any fabric here, I'll hold off on this project! :) Churchladyla@yahoo.com
I am looking for old hard drives. I will be completely destroying any data that may reside on the drive, so if you do not need it, I have a use for the internal components. I will pick up. Thank you. Carparts1997@gmail.com
I like to listen to my CD player in the car, but the second adapter has died.
Looking for old working notebook or laptop. Old os is fine just needs to boot up.
looking for some large boxes (dishwasher, wardrobe size)
Do you have a sofa table you'd like to get rid of?
Looking for plants pots
Would anyone happen to have an extra cover? Any condition, just need some protection. Maybe you hated the original basic grey and got a special box or Hello Kitty cover? I'll take what you've discarded. Thank you!
in search of a Verizon compatible phone, does not need to be pretty, (but could:), does need to be able to hook up to internet, call,text,data. Looking to try the Verizon plan pre-paid $15/300 min... Please let me know if you have one to get rid of, thanks
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